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We are a multi-disciplinary management consultancy practice specialising in the new agendas across the public and private sectors.

Our Experience

We have specialist expertise in a wide range of disciplines covering Business and Performance Improvement Reviews, Modernising Government, Public Sector Reform, Best Value, Diversity Issues, Tackling Social Exclusion, Human Resources and Organisational Development in support of these agendas.

Winter 2010

• Government publishes IRIS report on regional and national tenants’ organisations

In October 2010 the Department for Communities & Local Government published a report on the research into tenants’ organisations carried out by IRIS Consulting.

The IRIS research identified those tenants’ organisations that have developed over many years that operate at the national and regional levels in England.

This is the first research ever carried out and published that maps the existence of regional and national tenants’ organisations across the country. It identifies the distinctive roles performed by the four national bodies (TAROE, NFTMO, TPAS and CCH) and the areas where there are stable and viable regional tenants’ organisations (London, East Midlands and North-East).

• New articles from IRIS Consulting

IRIS Consulting publishes new articles on a regular basis. The most recent:

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Summer 2010

• IRIS Consulting celebrates its first 10 years

On 22 July 2010 the team at IRIS Consulting celebrated the company’s first 10 years by holding a reception at their Golden Square offices in London. Nearly 100 people attended from a rainbow variety of organisations that included clients and consultants who have been involved in the projects listed below.

During the last 10 years IRIS Consulting has worked for a wide range of clients that include the following:

Chartered Institute of Housing – organisational review
Community Housing Task Force – best practice on transfers and ALMOs
Crown Estate – pay and grading, job evaluation and HR advice
Department of Communities and Local Government – various public policy research projects and staff coaching
Department of Transport & Environment – new performance management system
Department for Work & Pensions – policy research projects
DEFRA – research into role of women in fishing industries
EEDA – development of race equality scheme
Glasgow Caledonian University – staff surveys and equalities
Government Equalities Office – occupational segregation research
Health & Safety Executive- organisational review and market research
Hemming Publishing Group – market research
Higher Education Equalities Challenge Unit – defining roles of equality officers
Homes and Communities Agency – staff coaching
Housing Corporation – review of grant scheme
Lloyd’s Register – leadership development and equalities training
London Development Agency - evaluation of Diversity Dividend tool
Metropolitan Police – leadership development
Ministry of Justice – research into devolved commissioning
Notting Hill Housing Trust – pay and reward survey
Olympic Delivery Authority – HR support, leadership development, staff coaching
Ridgehill/William Sutton Homes – review & Board member training
SEEDA – development of race equality scheme
Sport England – development of equalities framework
Veolia – advice on equal pay disputes
Welsh Assembly- evaluation of equalities projects
Youth Justice Board – financial analysis support and evaluation research

May 2010

• IRIS Consulting appointed by Youth Justice Board to evaluate the resettlement consortia pilots

The Youth Justice Board (YJB) for England and Wales has let a contract to IRIS Consulting to evaluate its two Resettlement Consortia pilots in the Greater Manchester and Bristol areas. These consortia comprise regional groups of local authorities which are collaboratively developing an enhanced resettlement offer for young people leaving custody. (Press release and contact details).

February 2010

• IRIS Consulting works with Greenwich Maritime Institute on new DEFRA project

IRIS Consulting, in conjunction with Greenwich Maritime Institute, has been appointed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to examine the role played by women in running the fishing industry in the UK. Initial outputs and findings should be completed by early April 2010 and organisations or individuals with views or information relevant to the project are invited to participate. (Full press release and contact details).

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Change and performance improvement initiatives need to be supported by relevant information and evidence. Our teams have the capacity to carry out the research and the experience and knowledge to apply the results intelligently.

IRIS Consulting’s offices at 5 Golden Square, W1F 9BS - at ground level between the two trees

• IRIS Consulting's new offices

In January 2010 IRIS Consulting moved to new offices in 5 Golden Square London W1F 9BS. These new premises are just a stone’s throw from the company's previous location. These new offices on the ground floor - directly overlooking Golden Square - provide more spacious accommodation and client meeting rooms.

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IRIS Consulting's workshop programme, launched in March 2007, has proved so successful that it will now be made increasingly available to individual companies and organisations, subject to special arrangement.

So far the topics included in this programme have been:

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