Women at work surviving
April 2016

Presentation to Consult QS Assoc
June 2015

IRIS Culture Change PWE

Collapse of the energy savings insulation industry in the UK a history of bust and boom
September 2015

High Rise Buildings in London
by John Harvey
June 2015

Coaching from within
by Dr Emma Bird
In this article, IRIS Consulting’s Emma Bird makes the case for ‘coaching from within’ – a process by which employing an executive coach from the same stable as the consultants can support that organisation’s main programme of change.

Outsourcing Local Authority Services: What Makes for Success or Failure?
by John Harvey
This article by John Harvey, Managing Director of IRIS Consulting, summarises the findings from research carried out by IRIS that investigated the factors that explain success or failure in outsourcing public services.

Efficiency Savings in Government
by John Harvey 
Will redundancies, outsourcing, devolved commissioning and Agile change management deliver what is required? IRIS Consulting’s Managing Director considers whether the civil service has the right approach and tools to do the job.

Government’s Housing Policy on the brink of collapse
by John Harvey
IRIS Consulting’s Managing Director asks “Is the Government’s housing policy built on a house of cards that will collapse now that the private sector underpinning has been removed?”

Ageism and Diversity
by Matthew Flynn 
Matthew Flynn, senior lecturer at Middlesex University Business School, reviews developments on tackling ageism in the workplace since Employment Equality (Age) Regulations were introduced in 2006.

Multiculturalism, Diversity and Equality: Britain in the 21st century
by Marilyn Tyzack and Rodney Waldeck 
A review of the debate on British identity and multiculturalism.

Improving Public Services
by David Greenwood
Many organisations faced with the challenge of improving service delivery (and sustaining that improvement) seem to rely on just doing what they’ve always done but trying to do it better.

Paying the rate for the job
by John Harvey
The boom in building and infrastructure projects has put a premium on property professionals. John Harvey looks at who is driving the market and how it is possible for public sector and housing associations to compete in the market place.

Civil Service Efficiency- Has it really declined in the last 10 years?
by John Harvey 

In this article John Harvey of IRIS Consulting reviews the evidence for claims that the civil service has become more inefficient during the last decade and seeks alternative explanations for why Government Departments are seen as having so badly under-performed.

Evaluation of administration and management of the Right to Manage Grants system
(July 2006)
The Housing Corporation have commissioned IRIS Consulting to carry out an evaluation of the administrative arrangements for making grants under the Right To Manage element of its Tenant Empowerment Programme (TEP)

The Imperative for Positive Working EnvironmentsSpin or Necessity
by Marilyn Tyzack (May 2006)
This synopsis of a recent study, conducted for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education by Marilyn Tyzack, looks at 7 higher education institutions identified by a range of stakeholders as exhibiting elements of good practice in the areas of equality and diversity.

What is driving merger mania  
by John Harvey
In this article John Harvey (Managing Director of IRIS Consulting) draws attention to the dangers for housing associations in losing touch with their roots and local communities. This article appears in Housing Associations Financial Yearbook 2006.

Positive Working Environment 
by Marilyn Tyzack 
Marilyn Tyzack (Director of IRIS Consulting) describes IRIS Consulting’s unconventional approach to the management problems of a department in a large private sector company and the surprisingly rapid improvements recorded within a year. This article appears in Public Service Review: Health 7.