Autumn 2016

IRIS launches new research into skills shortages and recruitment in the housing, care and social services sectors

IRIS is conducting a survey among organisations that provide sheltered housing, care and social services to identify the problems encountered in finding staff with the right skills and aptitudes.

Commenting on the new research John Harvey, the IRIS Research Director, said:

“We have heard various theories and explanations about the difficulties in getting suitable people to fill the wide range of demanding roles across these sectors.

What is already clear is that there is a big problem that makes it difficult for care and personal services to be delivered to the quality and standard desired by service providers and their clients.

This research will:

  • throw light on the issues,
  • why are there are such high rates of turnover which militates against continuity of service,
  • identify the key obstacles
  • help the sector to adopt better recruitment and staffing strategies.”


Mark Lawrence, the IRIS Research Manager; said:

“We are interested in hearing from all recruiters and organisations in these sectors who have had problems in getting and retaining staff of the right quality and calibre. We want to hear about good practice and what factors help ensure organisations recruit and retain the best people.”

I am interested in hearing from anyone with relevant information and views on these issues”

Mark’s contact details are:

Tel: 020 8493 9130

Mobile: 07436539952

Please click here to complete our on-line survey seeking information and views


Timing and Publication

The findings and results are expected to be available by the end of the year and will be published. Free copies will be sent to those participating in the research and those who register an interest.


October 2015

Home Office publish IRIS report on Right to Rent

The findings from the research carried out by IRIS has now been published by the Home Office.   The full report is available from the Home Office website on:

Research with landlords, letting agents and tenants (part of the Right to Rent evaluation)

If you would like further information contact John Harvey at IRIS Consulting on: 020 7 287 0822

July 2015

Third Party Reviews

IRIS has been selected by the States of Guernsey to carry out independent third party reviews on behalf of its Public Accounts Committee.

Programme and Pilot Evaluations

IRIS has been short-listed by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to carry out evaluations of public programmes and pilot projects across the BIS areas of operation.

Comparative Evaluations

IRIS has been short-listed by BIS to carry out research involving comparisons across different BIS-related programmes and projects which will involve assessing value for money, efficiency and effectiveness.

Resident Involvement

1) Somerford & Shacklewell Tenants & Residents Association have selected IRIS to provide them with advice and support in exploring the options for taking on the right to manage (RTM) and becoming a tenant management organisation(TMO).

2) London Borough of Harrow: Grange Farm Residents Association: IRIS is working in partnership with One Enterprise led by Raj Kumar to provide independent advice and support to residents who are looking at options for redeveloping their estate.

Remuneration and Reward

IRIS has been short-listed by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to provide specialist advice in the area of pay, remuneration and reward which will involve: • Valuation and benchmarking of pay and other benefits • Job evaluation and pay structure design • Assessing and responding to recruitment and retention and staff motivation issues • Case studies, surveys and literature reviews in the remuneration area • UK private sector practice on labour market and reward issues.

UK Energy Efficiency Market Appraisal

IRIS has recently carried out an independent appraisal of recent trends nd projections of the UK energy efficiency market looking in particular at retro-fit in the residential sector.

Right to Rent Evaluation: Home Office

IRIS has just completed its research for the Home Office into the impact of the right to rent scheme introduced in the west midlands on 1 December 2014. The IRIS strand of the evaluation involved conducting research with private sector tenants, landlords and letting agents.

For further information about any of these commissions contact John Harvey at IRIS on: or tel: 020 7 287 0822